The 2016 CX Lab Global Survey | Teleperformance
The 2016 CX Lab Global Survey

Every year, the Teleperformance Customer Experience Lab (CX Lab) undertakes a survey to understand perceptions of customer experience and particularly, customer service preferences.

The survey looks at customer behavior and customer service preferences by market in order to understand different patterns of perception, organized by generation.

This year, we researched 15 sectors of the economy across 11 countries. The results of our survey once again show that customer service matters.

Nearly two-thirds of respondents contacted brands at least once in the past year. Voice is the most used and preferred channel to contact customer service among the 11 countries analyzed. However, consumers increasingly utilize other channels, as companies make more available. In particular, digital channels like social media, mobile apps, click-to-call, and SMS are being used by a higher number of customers to contact customer service.

The quality of customer service interaction has a profound impact on the bottom line. Sixty-one percent of customers who interacted with their brands’ customer service revealed better advocacy scores when compared to those that have not interacted with customer service at all. Customers who had a negative customer service experience were 26 percent less likely to remain loyal than customers who did not contact customer service.

Without question, customer service continues to be very important to consumers, and is an important factor in terms of brand satisfaction, loyalty, and advocacy. Providing consumers with an exceptional customer service experience is a major differentiator. The right omnichannel strategy can improve loyalty and advocacy and improve your bottom line.

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