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Teleperformance CX Lab: Each Interaction Matters

In such a fast-paced era, customer behavior can change in an instant, as trends quickly come and go. Therefore, conducting detailed research and communicating with customers are two important factors for companies to know what customers want and need, in order to keep up and adapt.

Since its inception, the Teleperformance Customer Experience Lab (CX Lab) has remained relentless in its pursuit of providing relevant and important insights that allow our clients understand customer behavior. By offering a holistic customer experience overview, our clients can better understand customer perception and the factors that drive customer satisfaction, allowing them to improve the customer journey.

Over the years, the CX Lab has gathered hard data from customers through the Global CX Survey, exploring customer perception and behavior in various industries: personal care, games, pay-TV, electronics, financial services, technology, and energy, among many others. The Global CX Survey allows us and our clients to get a wider perspective of customers’ changing behavior, patterns, and trends. The global survey analyzes customer and brand perception, how sectors fare when it comes to customer satisfaction, and how customers use available customer service channels. In 2017, the Global CX Survey amassed almost 180,000 interviews in 18 key sectors, thereby gathering vital information that can help change the way brands communicate and further elevate the customer experience.

Our latest infographic takes a quick look at the CX Lab’s numbers and highlights. Click here to read:

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