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Penang: The Multilingual Advantage

Southeast Asia is a true melting pot of rich culture, respected traditions, and unique heritage. The region, along with its people that boast of skill and high adaptability, presents a great amount of opportunity. Over the years, the Southeast Asian region has contributed to the growth and development of Asia as a whole—the region’s skilled workforce, labor, and contributions to the digital age all have placed Asia at the pinnacle of economic development.

The region—composed of Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, Myanmar, Indonesia, Singapore, the Philippines, Brunei, and Malaysia—is currently brimming with possibilities. However, like in any other vast place, brands and companies should anticipate how language can become a barrier that can lead to a greater challenge. As a global leader in omnichannel customer experience management, Teleperformance understands how a multilingual hub can help brands and companies seeking to make a difference in Southeast Asia.

With the recent opening of a Teleperformance multilingual hub in Penang, Malaysia, we continuously expand our global footprint in order to help clients gain a competitive advantage. Penang has the highest GDP per capita among all Malaysian states, making its economy stable and built for both global and local investments. The state has a well-educated population, with a youth literacy rate of 99.5. Diverse, skilled, and a state that stemmed from a rich culture, Penang is where we offer support in over 20 languages and countless of Asian dialects.

Learn more about how our Teleperformance multilingual hub in Penang, Malaysia can help you stand out from the competition in Southeast Asia. Read our latest two-pager on Penang now by clicking here:

Penang: The Multilingual Advantage

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