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OTAs must improve customer experience

Customer behavior is increasingly complex. There is more cross-cultural and sectorial activity. There are also new channels for customers to use. Different generations prefer different types of interaction. And on top of that, there are changing regulations all over the world.

In order to understand changing customer behavior, the CX Lab at Teleperformance has  undertaken extensive research. This research cuts across a number of countries and a variety of sectors. With the data collected, companies can more thoroughly understand what they need to do in order to ensure a superior customer service experience.

In particular, the Online Travel Agency (OTA) sector is extremely competitive. Companies that want to excel need to make sure that the experiences they provide their customers are exceptional.

On average, the OTAs analyzed offer their customers 4 channels on which to communicate. This is less than the average of other sectors such as airlines and credit cards. According to the CX Lab, the channels most preferred by customers surveyed are voice (58%), email (23%), and chat (11%). Despite the fact that chat is the third most preferred channel, 70 percent of OTAs analyzed do not offer it.

All companies in the OTA sector offer social media channels to communicate. Most customers of OTAs post on TwitterTM. But social media channels are tough on OTAs. Sixty-five percent of all posts on social media concerning OTAs are negative. In addition, it takes most OTAs a long time to respond to customer concerns (15 hours on FacebookTM and 12 hours on TwitterTM).

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