OTAs and the Digital Age
OTAs and the Digital Age

International travel is on the rise, and so is people’s adoption of digital channels in all aspects of their lives. Online travel agencies need to adapt to a globalized, connected world that gives people access to more information in real time than ever before, and one of the most effective ways to do that is to align marketing strategies with an Omnichannel approach to customer service. Teleperformance’s Omnichannel customer experience solutions assist OTAs in putting together digital business solutions for customizable and industry-specific interaction channels.

Travelers have different needs, but something that they have in common is that they all want quick and professional services available on a wide array of their favorite channels. Teleperformance’s research in eight countries shows that chat is the Third-most preferred customer service channel. Chat is an effective channel for travel-related customer service because it provides a unique opportunity to gather customer data through required fields, provides customers with immediate assistance on a variety of devices. What’s more, chat gives customer service representatives a way to assist multiple customers at once with ease.

While users are still turning to chat for general information, if OTAs guide their customers through customer service options effectively, they can use chat to help them make purchases and reservations, ask questions about their accounts, get feedback or seek technical support.

Chat is becoming more and more popular, especially with younger audiences, especially when they are handled proactively. This means that instead of setting up a chat option in which the customer must initiate the conversation, a chat window pops up with a greeting from a real person automatically, asking the customer if he or she needs help. OTAs can also develop apps to support their social media presence.

Teleperformance is the global leader in Omnichannel customer experience. We leverage our decades of experience in digital business solutions to create industry-specific, customizable solutions for every channel. Our chat solutions help companies assist customers quickly and proactively on their favorite devices.


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