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On the Verge: France’s Improving Customer Service

France has become one of the major economic players in the European market. Through the years, France has shown its strength, its economy becoming the fifth largest in the world. Analysis of the country’s markets reveals how one-fifth of the Euro’s GDP is from France, with a large chunk of its economy coming from the services sector.

As France’s economy continues to soar, therein lies a challenge—how to handle the need to satisfy its customers through customer service. Nowadays, French customers have all the tools and all the technology to purchase goods and contact their brands’ customer service to inquire, to address, or to fix their issues. The more they spend, the more they expect to have better and smoother interactions with customer service.

The Teleperformance Customer Experience Lab (CX Lab) continues to share their insights through the annual Global CX Survey. In their survey that focused on France, the numbers have shown an increase in customer service satisfaction among the country’s consumers in 2017. Several sectors, including Hotels, OTAs, Online Food and Beverage, Credit Card, and Personal Care were among the industries that received increased positive marks from respondents when asked about their satisfaction with customer service. Compared to 2016, these improvements provide a more optimistic view for France, where exceptional customer service continues to be a challenge.

While it’s still a long way to go, small improvements can always go a long way. Based on the Global CX survey on France, effective communication, listening ability, and an agent’s empathy are three key drivers in attaining customer service satisfaction. Brands and businesses who want to make a difference and stand out from their competition must focus on these customer service factors in order to provide seamless and exceptional customer journeys.

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