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The Leader Insights Forum in Dublin is now on the home stretch. Last night, everyone from the forum was out at Johnnie Fox’s pub in the Wicklow mountains enjoying their famous Hooley night… an evening of traditional Irish music and dancing. Several of the team could be heard singing along to Dirty Old Town, so let’s hope their voices are still working today.

We will be opening the morning with a focus on the customer. Author and well-known customer experience (CX) expert Steven Van Belleghem will talk to the forum about the modern customer.

In a recent article Steven outlines some of his ideas: “Intelligence augmented is about offering technical solutions that will allow people to improve their performance. Personnel who are supported by the right technology can achieve higher levels of service than personnel who only make use of their human qualities.”

This is important. A great deal of the discussion around modern CX is focused on the use of emerging technologies, yet as Steven points out, the focus really should be on how technology can augment humans – not entirely replace them. Modern customers still want service that understands their needs and can help them immediately.

The CEO of Praxidia, Paolo Righetti, will speak about generating value from each interaction between a brand and the customer. He will be speaking with Viviana Scampone from BNL-BNP Paribas, giving analysis of a real-life case study. There are several steps required to gain value from each customer interaction, but Paolo and Viviana will identify a roadmap to this value creation.

We will be closing the forum with an exploration of the issues around customer privacy. With the enforcement of GDPR being implemented earlier this year, this is now an extremely hot topic. The Irish Data Commissioner, Helen Dixon, was recently quoted saying that the way they manage GDPR is existentially critical for the reputation of the government and their agencies. Fortunately, we have Dale Sunderland, the Irish Deputy Data Protection Commissioner, to explain exactly why GDPR is so critical and what executives should be doing now that enforcement is live.

The audience participation has been superb so far and there has also been a lot of online discussion and activity using the hashtag #LIFEurope – please join in the discussion today if you can. We are now about to start the final day, keep watching this blog for a summary of how it all went and what these speakers said during their keynotes.

If you are not in attendance, during the event we will be regularly publishing blog commentary to our “Global Blog” company page, which will re-cap the forum discussions and shorter comments featuring highlights from the speaker presentations via our Teleperformance Global Live Twitter feed. Please use the links here to follow all our social content, get involved and feel free to engage.

Photo by Michael Coghlan licensed under Creative Commons

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