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We are pleased to announce our 2018 Leader Insights Forum in Ireland focused on the subject “Each Interaction Matters.” The Forum will take place from October 17 to 19 at the Intercontinental Hotel, Dublin.

This is an exclusive invitation-only event that begins with the idea that every interaction between a customer and brand, whatever channel is used, whether it is a human or digital interaction, matters. Each interaction builds on others to form a complete customer experience and journey.

We will explore how companies need to focus on each interaction if they want to gain a competitive advantage by optimizing the customer experience. We will project into the future of customer service and channel preferences using insights from present day case studies and experiences to explore how the traditional and digital customer journey is evolving. We will also be examining how to get the right balance between human and digital channels, especially when emerging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence are applied to a customer experience strategy.

We are very excited to meet with over one hundred delegates with an opportunity to exchange conversations, discussions and share ideas with many clients and friends of the industry. Many of the delegates are senior executives from over 65 Brands from 24 different countries of the largest global brands, all of whom have daily challenges with the future of CX and are coming to Dublin to share stories and experiences. Not only will the speakers offer deep insights into CX interactions, but also there will be opportunities to network with and learn from peers in similar roles across several industries.

Our discussions will be centered on anticipating the future needs of digital customers, creating memorable customer experiences, and incorporating a platform for secure customer experience innovation in the future – with a particular focus on blending all interactions, digital and human. The customer journey today is longer and more complex than ever before, creating many more opportunities for interaction, from information requests, to purchases, to engagement that simply improves the customer relationship. Every one of these interactions creates the impression that customers have of your brand, so each individual interaction matters.

The various tracks and sessions at the forum will include:

  • Each INNOVATION matters – how can you explore new ways of interacting with customers? Are there fast-moving industries, such as games, that can teach more traditional industries lessons about customer innovation?
  • Each EMPLOYEE matters – how does employee engagement influence every interaction? How can you increase and improve the customer experience by focusing on employee experience?
  • Each CHANNEL matters – why do customers use specific channels and what are the trends in channel use? What should a modern omnichannel strategy look like?
  • Each CUSTOMER matters – what does a modern customer relationship look like? How can you plan at customer experience strategy that ensures each interaction turns customers into fans?
  • Each PRIVACY matters – how do you protect and manage customer data as the number of interactions increases and customer expectations of service personalization also rises?

This is going to be an exciting event full of insight into customer interactions. We have some world-class keynote speakers for all these subjects and an audience full of experts – there could not be a better place to gather information on the future of the customer experience – and to network with peers.

If you are not in attendance, during the event we will be regularly publishing blog commentary to our “Global Blog” company page, which will re-cap the forum discussions and shorter comments featuring highlights from the speaker presentations via our Teleperformance Global Live Twitter feed. Please use the links here to follow all our social content, get involved and feel free to engage.

For those who are in attendance over the course of the forum our LIF Executive team is looking forward to meeting you in person.

Photo by: Zach Werner licensed under Creative Commons

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