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We are pleased to announce our 2018 Leader Insights Forum: “Teleperformance Customer Experience 2020 and beyond,” which will take place from March 21 to 23, 2018 at the Hotel Sofitel Legend the Grand Amsterdam.

This is an exclusive invitation-only event that begins by acknowledging that the age of digital customer experience (CX) has truly arrived and what lies ahead in the future. With this in mind, we will explore how companies need to adapt CX strategies in order to gain a competitive advantage. We will project into the future of customer service and channel preferences using insights from present day case studies and experiences to explore how the traditional and digital customer journey is evolving. We will also be examining how to get the right balance between human and digital channels.

We are very excited to meet with over one hundred delegates with an opportunity to exchange conversations, discussions and share ideas with many clients and friends of the industry. Many of the delegates are senior executives from sixty-five of the largest global brands, all of whom have daily challenges with the future of CX and are coming to Amsterdam to share stories and experiences.

Our discussions will be centered on anticipating the future needs of digital customers, creating memorable customer experiences, and incorporating a platform for secure customer experience innovation in the future.

The various tracks and sessions at the forum will include:

Future: the overall vision and the evolution of the customer experience in the future and how this could disrupt your business.

Experience: how brands will engage future customers, plus the social channels and other tools that will be available to engage the new generation of customers

Channels: innovation, channel preference, and how new tools will affect customer experience delivery and engagement strategy (Omnichannel, AI, bots, and Block Chain)

People: skills and training required for agents in a mixed culture, diverse people, and omnichannel customer experience environment

Security and Data Protection: security is once again paramount with GDPR on the horizons and how does the ‘CX Security Cycle’ look like in future?

Our Teleperformance Leader Insights Forum model is an opportunity to learn from many of the leading subject-matter experts, share insightful ideas and best practices with many brands, and discuss this topic with customer experience business leaders.

Whether you are interested in the development of CX super-agents, how companies are making omnichannel service really work for them, or the increasing importance of protecting your customer data.

If you are not in attendance, during the event we will be regularly publishing blog commentary to our “Global Blog” company page, which will re-cap the forum discussions and shorter comments featuring highlights from the speaker presentations via our Teleperformance Global Live Twitter feed. Please use the links here to follow all our social content, get involved and feel free to engage.

For those who are in attendance over the course of the forum our LIF Executive team is looking forward to meeting you in person.

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