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Leader Insights Forum

We are proud to announce the opening of the 2018 Leader Insights Forum ‘Teleperformance Customer Experience 2020 and beyond’, which will take place in Dubai, in the Marina Garden of the Burj Al Arab, from March 25th to 26th.

As the worldwide Leader of the Customer Experience (CX) industry, Teleperformance enjoys a privileged position. We are able to observe how human behaviors, new technologies, and business needs are all evolving, and how fast this revolution is impacting the entire CX market. The age of the digital customer experience has truly arrived and Teleperformance will be discussing this future with our partners at the Leader Insights Forum.

Only early adopters will earn and maintain the competitive advantage of a renovated, innovative, digital and social customer experience, but at the same time there is also a need to enhance the emotional connection of a brand to the customer.

The Leader Insights Forum will explore the future of CX from various perspectives, with the contribution of leading subject-matter experts from across the world, as well as through the sharing of insightful ideas and best practice from business leaders.

The various tracks and sessions at the forum will include:

Future: the overall vision and the evolution of the customer experience in the future

Experience: how brands will engage future customers, social channels and other tools that will be available to engage the new generation of customers

Channels: innovation, channel preference, and how new tools will affect customer experience delivery and engagement strategy (Omnichannel, Artificial Intelligence bots, and Block Chain)

People: skills and trainings required for an agent in a mixed people, digital, omnichannel customer experience environment

Security and Data Protection: security is once again paramount with GDPR on the horizon in Europe – and beyond

Teleperformance Customer Experience 2020 and beyond will be a unique chance to approach the future of Customer Experience. From the challenges related to the recruiting, training, and managing of ‘super agents’ to the integration of customer experience into an omnichannel strategy, and through to the sensitive topic of security and data protection.

At Teleperformance Customer Experience 2020 and beyond an invitation-only audience of senior CX professionals will meet experts to discuss the vision of the future.

This is an event that cannot be missed. If you are unable to attend in person then look out for forum discussions and speaker highlights published on the Teleperformance Global Blog and live commentary via the Teleperformance global Live Twitter feed.


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