Back-office Solutions in India: A Case Study
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Our client, an industry leader in lender-placed insurance sought improvement in its insurance tracking and claims services. Though it has decades of experience in the market, a recent surge in business required more efficiency and better coordination between front office and back-office functions.

Teleperformance formed a partnership with the firm and worked to improve overall efficiency by implementing a strong BPO strategy in India.

The complexity of this process requires exceptional organization, highly-skilled workers, coordination between front office and back-office, and a process that emphasizes speed and efficiency. Our client required such a partner to help improve efficiency and ensure that their clients received prompt, courteous, and effectual service. The client sought a partner that could help its customers mitigate and manage their risk, and ensure assertiveness while handling these extraordinarily complex processes. In addition, the volume of work was large, with short turnaround times. Yet the client did not have a volume forecast to help ensure smooth turnaround.

But given the original issues related to a lack of volumes forecast and a lack of assertiveness, it was necessary to reevaluate and implement a new strategy. Teleperformance developed and implemented three main initiatives to address operational issues:

  • Workforce management
  • Quality methodologies
  • Desktop analytics

The results of these changes were immediate and profound. Productivity increased significantly because of the workforce management, quality methodologies and desktop analytics, which we implemented.

To learn more about how we helped our client through a BPO strategy in India, please read our new case study.


case study

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