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In Numbers: Human Connection in Digital CX

In the world of digital CX, understanding how to use and manage digital engagements while knowing where to employ human engagement truly matters. This was further explored in our recent blog titled “Humans in CX: Which Kind of Customer Interactions Should Not be Automated,” which strongly painted a picture of the importance of preserving and fortifying human service in today’s digital age, even as machines and automation continue their ascent towards technological progress.

Digitalization has brought a shift in the way brands connect with their customers. According to this infographic created by Harvard Business Review Analytic Services in association with Teleperformance, social media continues to dominate: 86% of marketers connected with customers using it. 72% reached its audience via email marketing, 65% engaged customers through online videos, 58% utilized webinars or online events, while 44% used chat. Technology has indeed created a customer experience journey that is paved with convenience by way of a click; however, all this comes with a challenge—nearly 60% marketers surveyed also noted that it is difficult to replicate person-to-person experience with customers by using digital technologies.

Companies also face difficulties when it comes to getting customer centricity right. According to the infographic, this stems from the lack of a customer-centric organizational culture to begin with. Another reason is the lack of processes and operational capabilities to personalize interactions. Finally, there is a lack of systems and technology to analyze data.

Automation can truly bring a lot of benefits—efficiency, accuracy, and consistency. Humans, on the other hand, are the only ones capable of bringing true connections to the plate. Great interactions can start and build relationships with new customers, while a personal connection can reward one with a long-term following. Anyone who had watched Godfather a million times might as well give up if their business mindset still centers around that “It’s not personal, it’s strictly business” ideology—the value of human connection, emotions, empathy, and personalization are now more valuable than ever, especially in a world where digitalization continues to present its advantages.

Get to know what successful marketers do right in today’s digital environment. Know the full numbers and read the full infographic “Maintaining the Human Connection in the Digital Age of Customer Experience” from Harvard Business Review Analytic Services in association with Teleperformance by clicking below.


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    Jasmine April 24, 2019

    I agree that though digitalization has gained a speed, but empathy, emotions and personalization still hold a long lasting experience in the customer’s mind. Which is further followed by Word Of Mouth

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    FLORENCE IFEOMA KALU April 30, 2019

    Yes, Digitization has gained speed, but the speed is not enough to overrun human connection. Efficiency does the right thing at the right time, but Experience is synonymous to practical application of human connection. Customer intrigues and feelings person-to-person relationship remains more value than ever in the world of digitization.

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    Andy Ortiz July 10, 2019

    I believe that automation at a conact center is sometimes vital for the day-to-day operations but there must be a limit. As was the case with Metlife, there are some interactions that simply can’t be replaced by machines. Who knows how advanced algorithms can get in the future? Maybe intelligent machines will be able to detect human emotion but they will never be able to feel for themselves. The ability to “feel” is what sets us apart from most creatures and all machines. In a customer service role, we should not only be concerned with delivering a solution to a problem but rather, we should concern ourselves with delivering a customer experience that is both efficient and gratifying. By replacing humans in customer interactions, we remove the human connection that is inherently desired in mankind.
    While I definitely agree that automation is a must in today’s industry, we must not forget the special touch a human can have on a person.

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    José Antonio Montero Quezada July 23, 2019

    I think that you have to give it the oportunity to the persons so that they can develop better and thus have the necessary experience to treat customers