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How Do Imagineers Design The Future For Disney Guests?

In our next Leader Insights Forum, we are extremely fortunate to be featuring a keynote presentation by Laurent Cayuela who is an Imagineer based at Disneyland® Paris. Imagineers are the people that design the rides, shows, and other attractions at Disney theme parks all over the world. These are some of the most sought-after jobs in the world – imagine spending all day just designing theme parks?

But what are the important traits that an Imagineer needs and how are people chosen for these coveted roles where customer experience is central to everything they do?

This article in Theme Park Tourist lists the five key traits that all Imagineers have:

1. They are AMAZING; they will always have at least one skill where they are a complete master. It could be writing, painting, sculpting, or engineering but it will almost always be a creative skill and they will excel at it.

2. They are KNOWLEDGABLE; they have teams that are divided in two: creatives and technical, but they work hand in hand.  Their key is knowing and mastering a topic from its historical origins to its emotional or physical effects;

3. They can COMMUNICATE; brilliant people can’t just lock themselves away and communicate through their work. Imagineers are more focused on creating immersive, realistic, yet, out of the ordinary scenery. They are experts in their discipline but, above all, they are storytellers.

4. They are PASSIONATE; it’s not easy to be constantly creative. Sometimes people want to just relax, but that’s not an option if your job is thinking about how Disney will amaze people next year and into the future. You need a passion for creating the future.

5. They are PERSISTENT; they need to keep working hard because creating the future in an environment where everyone has great ideas can be difficult. Projects need to be managed and brought from an initial idea to a reality inside the theme park and that takes time and persistence.

It’s no surprise that the Imagineers are so respected inside The Walt Disney Company. If a Disney guest can walk through it, touch it, see it, sleep in it, shop in it, or eat in it then it was an Imagineer who originally created the concept and then managed the idea until it became a reality. We are really privileged that Laurent will take the time to speak at the LIF in Paris.

Laurent will explain how he became an Imagineer and what it is like to spend everyday thinking about how to make the customer experience better and more impressive.

The event will take place on October 23 – 25 in Disneyland Paris and we have a full house with a diverse group of delegates from over 30 countries registered.  If you would like to access exclusive content during and after Leader Insights Forum, please take a moment to register your details here.

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