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Global CX Survey: Pay TV Sector

Through the years, Teleperformance has developed methodologies and business solutions that have allowed our clients achieve exceptional results—and with each passing year, we continue finding more ways to remain as the global leader in omnichannel customer experience management.

Helping businesses stand out in today’s competitive environment has always been a top priority for us. The Teleperformance Customer Experience Lab (CX Lab) acts as our premier databank, with its teams helping our clients understand their customers’ changing behaviors across countries, generations, and sectors. Through hard data gathered from the Lab’s global surveys conducted in 13 countries, the CX Lab can provide insights and indicate consumer trends that may impact a business. This time, the CX Lab’s Global CX Survey focused on the Pay TV sector by studying data received from over 10,100 respondents in 13 countries.

Our latest infographic discusses the highlights taken from the 2017 Global CX Survey for the Pay TV sector. Readers can benefit from the CX Lab’s key findings that can truly aid Pay TV providers who want to differentiate themselves in the sector. The infographic details how the Pay TV sector across 13 countries fared this year in terms of satisfaction, brand advocacy, and customer loyalty. It also summarizes the value and importance of providing excellent customer service in the sector, and briefly studies the correlation between a positive customer service interaction and loyalty intention among customers. In addition, readers can gain insights on the notable factors that drive customer satisfaction and dissatisfaction.

Teleperformance’s CX Lab is committed to improving the customer experience through data and extensive research. For Pay TV businesses, the Global CX Survey on the sector is truly a great first step in understanding customers better. Let us help you. Click here to view our infographic:

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