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French Customers Demand Exceptional Customer Service

With its economy being the fifth largest in the world, it’s no surprise how France has produced more demanding customers with each passing year. With an economical growth of .5% in this year’s second quarter alone, The Guardian projected how the country’s future might even be brighter than the UK’s; this statement even backed further by the fact that France represents about one-fifth of the Euro’s GDP.

In France, services is the main contributor to the country’s economy with over 70 percent of its GDP coming from the sector. Over the years, brands in France have worked hard to improve their customer service in order to achieve customer satisfaction from its growing customer base. This year, the Teleperformance CX Lab continues to share their findings on France through its Global CX Survey—and in 2017, the global survey had shown how France achieved growth in terms of brand-related KPIs compared to last year’s results.

In our latest white paper, the CX Lab details how loyalty intention among French consumers has improved per sector, and how overall brand satisfaction in 2017 saw growth in almost every sector compared to 2016’s results. Despite the positive results taken from the survey, it is important to note how French customers continue to demand satisfaction from their brands—there are always areas of improvement that brands can explore in order to provide a seamless and an exceptional customer service.

Our white paper provides important details to help brands stand out in the French market. To learn more about the French customer, download our white paper here now.

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