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Fly Higher Than Ever With Exceptional Customer Service

The airline industry is experiencing massive growth globally. This means that in order for airlines to differentiate themselves, strategic investments have to be made to ensure the best experiences and services, and also to meet customer demands. Because in a competitive age where there are more passengers, more complex interactions, and little room for error, airlines must not only compete with one another to provide exceptional in-flight experience, but more so to deliver superior customer service.

To better understand what customers want, the Teleperformance Customer Experience Lab (CX Lab) has undertaken an extensive study of 18 sectors, including the airline industry, across 13 countries. Research has revealed that consumers who had a positive customer experience when interacting with customer service presented a 15 percent higher loyalty intention. Conversely, those who had a negative experience presented a 28 percent lower loyalty intention, thereby shedding light on the impact of customer service on the loyalty of airline customers. Furthermore, for airlines to truly stand out, they must serve their customers across the channels they prefer, with consistency, speed, and empathy, all while maintaining a secure environment that protects information.

Fly Higher Than Ever

In addition to all of this, there are great differences customers in different countries and across generations. For example, airline customers in the United States are more satisfied and more willing to recommend their airlines to friends and family than customers in other countries. It’s also important to note that younger generations, particularly Millennials are open to using a wide range of channels to contact customer service.

Exceptional Customer Service

As the worldwide leader in omnichannel customer experience management, Teleperformance does more than just provide service. Our TP Client solution, which was designed with airlines in mind, is a proprietary omnichannel platform that provides a seamless interaction across multiples channels and provides an exceptional experience during every contact, which can build loyalty and advocacy in an increasingly competitive environment.

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