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Ensuring Relationships, Rebuilding Customer Confidence

Forty-one years ago, Founder and CEO Daniel Julien started Teleperformance at age 25. It was a different time back then; it was an era where telephone lines instead of the Internet connected human beings to one another. At present, technology has continued to affect our daily lives in more ways ever imagined, and we are already on our way to a place where convenience reigns supreme, where the benefits of technology are on full display.

Despite the many obvious benefits, it’s easy to get lost inside a maze of technology-driven advancements, and at some point, the value of personal touch and true human connection may become overlooked especially in an industry where it is needed the most—customer service. Enter Teleperformance, whose high-tech, high-touch approach led to the right balance of technology and empathy.

Bots, artificial intelligence (AI), and RPAs have made their mark in recent years, and Teleperformance is no stranger when it comes to utilizing their power while combining it with the priceless effect of human care and human connection. The result? An increase in organic growth by 10% during the first quarter of 2019, and continuing to provide services for 50% of Fortune 500 firms.

Julien recently became a guest in BBC World News’ “Talking Business,” interviewed by the segment’s host Susannah Streeter. When Streeter asked about a bot’s abilities to help customers needing customer service, Julien shared how human-assisted AI and bots plus a human agent’s soft skills and technical abilities have helped Teleperformance. “Thanks to the bots, we can already build the answer, and so the human agents are aimed to address the real demand. And your demand is not only rational—it’s also emotional,” Julien stated. “You want to be reassured. We give you the real information and data thanks to AI. But we ensure relationships, and we rebuild the confidence you can have with a product or service.”

Hear Julien’s thoughts on the future of AI and more. Watch the full interview by watching below:

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