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Empowering Your Customers

With the amount of technology surrounding us today, it’s no surprise how customers have become extremely knowledgeable through information available to them within reach. Count on a customer to research anything they can about a product before spending thousands of dollars, or spend hours scouring reviews to determine if they should try this restaurant or not—in any case, technology has led to the modern customer: a person willing to go deep when it comes to getting to know a product or service better, someone who knows what they want, and want it fast.

Empowering customers starts with information

More often than not, modern customers would consult the Internet every time they hear about a new product or service. With Google helping individuals become walking encyclopedias, it’s no surprise how a customer can easily gather information about any product or service. Help your customers form intelligent buying decisions by making information about your product or service visible online. Be proactive and anticipate the questions your customers would likely ask. Provide substantial information that your customers would benefit from, and allow customers to learn more about your product or service through engaging and interesting content.

Communication and convenience

A common misstep that leads towards poor brand reputation is the lack existing channels for communication between brand and customer. How can a customer feel empowered if they have to repeat themselves as they lay out their issues when reaching customer service? That’s automatically a negative score when it comes to convenience in their part. Provide seamless ways to communicate efficiently to make sure customers are heard the first time.

Go easy on the flowery marketing scripts

Given the effects of social media plus the amount of information within reach, customers today have developed a nose for detecting what’s real versus what’s not. Trying to sell your products through aggressive over-the-top marketing ploys and flowery statements won’t likely work and most likely push your customers away; however, empowering them doesn’t also mean you have to give them every scientific detail complete with technical jargons about your product. Separate the fact from fake, strike a balance between what’s honest and real, add a dash of sincerity, and leave it to them to come up with a buying decision.

Making your customers feel empowered not only establishes business rapport, it also paves way for brand loyalty. It’s all about allowing your customers to be experts, and letting them form buying decisions independently. Customer empowerment is letting customers know that your brand hears, understands, and acknowledges them in all aspects of the customer journey.

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