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Emotions: The Backbone of a Great Customer Experience

You know in your heart that you have the best product out there in the market, but still, therein lies a bit of a problem: the numbers continue to show missed sales targets, and even more troubling—a consistent lack of repeat purchases.

Locating the root cause of this plateau has been a challenge for most companies, and seeking more (creative) ways to differentiate in their respective competitive industries has become a must. Others succeed, while a few fail, and sometimes the root that hinders the possibility of customer loyalty simply is a brand or company failing to validate customer emotions.

Emotions play an integral role in creating a solid customer experience. Even the smallest decision made by your customer can be the direct result of a felt emotion, whether it’s driving them away or bringing them closer to your brand. Creating a connection that is a result of trust, care, empathy, and transparency is vital in establishing brand loyalty among consumers. Transparency advocates Label Insight reported how 94% of consumers are likely to be loyal to a brand that offers complete transparency. Survey conductors Customer Thermometer showed how 65% of consumers in the United States felt being cared for as a result of having an emotional connection with a brand or company, inspiring brand affinity and loyalty.

What reasons do people give for their emotional brand connections? The aforementioned survey conducted by Customer Thermometer stated the following: 65% of customers felt a connection because a brand made them feel like it cares, 55% of customers felt like a brand has allowed them to make a positive difference in the world, 45% of customers felt like a brand understands them, and 42% felt like a brand is run by like-minded people. The top five emotions for brand connection? Interest, trust, optimism, admiration, and acceptance. 

Engaging your customers through an emotional connection can instill brand loyalty as a result of a great and memorable customer experience. Taking into consideration how customers would feel and knowing the importance of inspiring positive emotions in customers help a great deal as you shape your brand. As interactions experts, Teleperformance knows how a meaningful connection can lead to a lifelong partnership between you and your customers. Contact us today to learn how we can help you make every interaction matter!

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