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Emotional Intelligence: The Key to Keeping Your Customers

When was the last time you really connected with your customer?

The quick pace of today’s society makes true connections hard to come by. In the world of customer service, it becomes trickier: standing out from the competition is already a big enough challenge on its own. It’s where getting your customers’ full attention for more than thirty seconds already feels like a monumental triumph. It’s also where businesses are likely to lose billions every year because of poor customer service—and if you have no plans to incorporate emotional intelligence into your future plans, perhaps it’s about time to reconsider.

Digital innovation has been playing an important role in improving the customer experience. While digitalization has increased productivity and accuracy, it’s emotional intelligence that glues a great customer experience together: the power of a personal and positive customer interaction is strong enough to go where technology cannot.

It is critical for customer service representatives to undergo coaching and emotional intelligence training to be able to form a connection with their customers better. It’s important to know that mastery or knowledge of the product or service is better topped with emotional connections that can lead to returning customers. Trainings that are focused on enhancing an agent’s listening skills can also teach agents how to practice empathy. Empathy goes beyond telling customers that we know how they feel—it’s a constant reassurance that helping them is a main priority, paired with the genuine expression of concern and care.

Being able to sense how others feel is also a mark of emotional intelligence. This ability allows agents to tailor their customers’ experience according to their emotions, feelings, wants, or needs, leading to a more lasting customer interaction. Coaching or role-play sessions are methods that can help agents develop an awareness of their customers.

Prioritizing emotional intelligence can go a long way. Doing so invites returning and loyal customers after a delightful customer interaction, as a result of a genuine connection. With our “high-tech, high touch” humanized approach, Teleperformance has become a global leader in providing exceptional customer interactions. Contact us today to know more about our services!

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