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After enjoying the welcome reception at the Intercontinental Hotel in Dublin last night, the speakers and delegates are all ready to commence the third Leader Insights Forum. Given the warm Irish hospitality and our forum being located close to the Guinness brewery and Jameson distillery we are already winning just by being here ready to commence the event today! The forum runs through today and tomorrow and the opening day will focus on three key themes: innovation, employees, and channels.

We are going to open by focusing on innovation. Many executives talk about innovation, but few can say that they really live and work in an innovative environment every single day. Frank Keienburg, Head of Player Experience/Game Lead, Brawl Stars at Supercell, is one person who truly can. Frank provides help to 100 million daily active players of games such as Clash of Clans and has a strong skepticism for those who try to define business standards – there is no business as usual when supporting millions of gamers.

Frank’s team identified the most common questions and problems faced by gamers and built an automated bot – the intention being to automate the most common issues. That has led to an improved faster service for the gamers, and it allows the agents to focus on more complex problems – a real example of a win-win-win scenario.

Carolyn Blunt, Managing Director at Ember Real Results will then be speaking about employees. Carolyn will be talking about how work is changing and how this affects the recruitment and management process – especially for anyone who is managing a team that is focused on the customer experience. Conscience, compassion, and creativity are all becoming important factors that employers must pay attention to – especially if your team is going to be representing a major brand. Only engaged team members can create a great customer experience. If your contact centre team is just punching the clock and counting the minutes until they finish their shift then it will be impossible to create a great impression.

Dr Nicola Millard, Head of Customer Insight & Futures at BT Global Services Innovation Team will be exploring the channels that customers are using, in particular the trends that are shaping how customers tap, swipe, and chat their way into digital interactions with brands.

Nicola will be talking about the way that smartphones have become such an important part of the customer experience, even though they have only really been with us for a decade now. Channels are also diversifying and moving beyond the initial few major social networks to other areas such as chat and apps. Video and chat are becoming particularly important and Nicola will be explaining how brands need to be working with these channels whilst also recognizing that the phone remains important for the majority of customers.

These three sessions will be followed tomorrow with a focus on customers, privacy, and case studies from Praxidia and BNL-BNP Paribas Group. The first day is looking great and we are ready to start – the next blog will be out this evening featuring a summary of everything these speakers actually said today at the forum.

If you are not in attendance, during the event we will be regularly publishing blog commentary to our “Global Blog” company page, which will re-cap the forum discussions and shorter comments featuring highlights from the speaker presentations via our Teleperformance Global Live Twitter feed. Please use the links here to follow all our social content, get involved and feel free to engage.


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