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For the e-Retail industry in China, the rising number of its consumers has opened up vast opportunities for the sector’s overall growth. e-Retail has become a powerful industry in the country, with China’s massive population making almost half of the world’s online retail sales in 2016, thereby proving how the country’s purchasing power combined with its tech-savvy consumers can result in exponential sales revenues for China’s e-Retail industry.

Chinese consumers have begun to embrace the convenience of buying and selling online. The advent of social media and smartphones has pushed this “gamechanger,” allowing sales transactions happen with just one click whenever, wherever. This made China the largest online retail market in 2015. As e-Retail consumers continue to increase every year, the demand for exceptional customer service also rises as a result.

Through our CX Lab’s Global Survey, Teleperformance has learned that compared with other sectors, Chinese consumers are less satisfied in its e-Retail customer service. For e-Retail brands, it is important to note how customer service attributes correspond to 47 percent of the impact leveraging brand advocacy. Creating a satisfying customer journey has become a vital part of the customer buying process, and the e-Retail industry in China should recognize the different customer service attributes that influence brand loyalty and advocacy among online consumers in order to retain and satisfy its customers.

Teleperformance’s latest white paper discusses the value of customer service in China’s growing e-Retail sector, including the many factors that influence brand loyalty and advocacy in the Chinese market. Detailed findings from our CX Lab are spread throughout the paper, making it a valuable source of information for those looking to penetrate the e-Retail industry in China.

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