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Delivering Exceptional Service Using Emotional Intelligence

We have written a lot of articles that highlight the value of the human touch, and how emotional intelligence, empathy, and connection are three crucial factors that can either make or break the customer experience and affect customer satisfaction. To further emphasize the value of the human touch, let me cite a firm example of how a company managed to deliver exceptional customer service by leveraging high emotional intelligence.

The travel and hospitality industry remains competitive, with the rise of technology changing the way business works for most companies. In today’s digitized world, it has become quite common for most hotels to have automated systems. Some hotels, for example, feature chatbots that respond to customer questions and issues. Others have smartphone integration, which allows guests to check-in, order room service, or plan itineraries on their mobile phones. While embracing technology can drive change and open doors to opportunities, it’s always important to remember that emotional intelligence can make a difference in changing the way a business operates.

Consider Crowne Plaza, a hotel chain that has made emotional intelligence an essential component of their CX strategy. In 2018, the hotel initiated various programs that focused on emotional intelligence and entered an arrangement with The School of Life, an organization that is focused on developing emotional intelligence. Through data, research, and tests, they concluded that emotional intelligence could increase overall guest experience by 5%. With this number in mind, together, they studied customer-facing business processes and created an emotional intelligence strategy that was implemented in 98 Crowne Plaza hotels across Europe. The strategy required initial employee training — nothing too big nor costly, just an introduction of ideas and guidelines for employees to interact better with customers. In addition, Crowne Plaza is developing six core emotional intelligence skills for their employees, which explore the themes of vulnerability, self-belief, connection, anticipation, authenticity, and perseverance. “We’ve seen how applying an added layer of empathy to our guest interactions greatly improves the stay experience,” Crowne Plaza’s Marketing Vice President Mike Greenup observed.

I think that Crowne Plaza serves as a great example of how a simple change to employee training can create an immediate and long-lasting effect on the customer experience. By using emotional intelligence, this hotel chain is elevating the experience and satisfaction of their customers while creating much stronger customer loyalty and advocacy — all without requiring a significant investment.

In our backyard, we understand the weightiness of equipping our interaction experts with the tools that can help them maximize their emotional intelligence to figure out what each customer wants. Because emotions are as unique as fingerprints, we don’t just train our people to resolve complaints and be generally empathetic. Instead, we supply them with the skills to respond to any emotional state presented by customers during their journey. We teach them how to develop emotional self-awareness, meet and exceed expectations, identify and influence emotional currents, and tactfully manage conflict to achieve positive results. Furthermore, we motivate each of our interaction experts to be passionate about what they do.

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