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May 21 2019

Customer Experience

CX Trends

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CX Trends

In 2017, stated how accommodating the decreasing attention spans of customers can play a big role in keeping the customer experience satisfying. As predicted, this is where the digital age continues to come in, where automation and everything data-powered are two important factors to consider in strengthening your CX strategies. Digitalization will continue its peak in making our lives easier in 2019. Virtual assistants such as Alexa and Google Assistant are forecasted to undergo further developments in terms of voice recognition, natural language processing, and cloud-based intelligence. Chatbots could have the ability to perform even faster operations, as the Internet of Things would continue to allow more customers connect better with products.

For Forbes, CX in 2019 will be a year where back office and back-end processes can “make or break an organization’s relationship with their customers,” as per a statement from IDC. This trend can clearly affect most industries, particularly the online retail industry where supply chain and order management and fulfillment are key elements in enriching the customer journey. Another ongoing trend would be an explosion in the number of interactions as 2019 progresses. This is the result of the growing number of consumers in various middle-class markets from a global standpoint. In addition, personalization can be the ultimate brand differentiator.

In terms of security, the need for it remains strong. Protecting data has become top priority in recent years, and would continue to increase in the coming years. Machine-learning can be used to flag security threats and malware, as companies would develop more security protocols to ensure that their customers’ and clients’ data are managed in a secure manner.

Stay tuned for more customer experience trends as we watch this year unfold!

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