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CX Trends: Personalization in Retail

Much has been said about customer experience and how its value is undeniable in maintaining brand satisfaction and customer loyalty. But what does customer experience really mean? As per Wikipedia, customer experience is defined as “the product of an interaction between an organization and a customer over the duration of their relationship,” a definition that doesn’t require layers to peel nor dissect—it is as simple as words can go.

Exploring customer experience in-depth requires an open mind, or perhaps, if the situation calls for it—a steer away from old traditions to flow with the current trends that promote connection and relationships between customers and brands. In the world of retail, personalization has become a go-to strategy for brands and businesses to connect better with their customers. Forbes listed how personalization has the power to increase revenues and lead to customer loyalty, with 44 percent of consumers saying they will stay with a brand after a personalized shopping experience.

In retail, personalization can start with effective listening that directs to an actual conversation with customers. Through listening, brands would be able to profile their customers: knowing what they want and what they need, and determine which relevant services or products to recommend. Personalized recommendations are highly important because they can become a foundation of a good customer experience—a customer would feel a connection, or realize a need for a product or service that they haven’t known before until mentioned or suggested to them.

Creating a personalized retail experience can go a long way, and it all starts with a simple offer to help. It is now up to brands and businesses to increase the ante when finding more ways to connect with their target market—standing out from the competition may be challenging, but the inclusion of personalization can be a differentiator when it comes to exceeding customer expectations, promoting repeat purchases, and most importantly—inspiring customer loyalty.

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