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CX Lab Report: Australia

2018 marks the year for Australia setting a good economic pace in recent times. From an economic perspective, the country continues to show its strength after its annual GDP growth recorded last June increased to 3.4%. This growth—from 3.1% recorded during the first quarter of the year—was reportedly the Australian GDP’s fastest increase in such a short period of time since September of 2012.

The sudden growth of the country’s GDP has been attributed to household spending, growing over .7% within the year. Australia continues to improve its unemployment rates, dropping it to 5% this September—the country’s lowest jobless rate since April 2012.

With a lot of signs pointing Australia’s economy in the right direction, the Teleperformance Customer Experience Lab (CX Lab) recently took an in-depth look at the country through its annual Global CX Survey. With nearly 200,000 interviews conducted per year in 14 key markets, the survey aims to provide important insights that give a glimpse on how customers perceive brands and customer service. Through research and powerful data, the CX Lab continues to improve the customer experience and have aided our clients understand their customers, resulting in meaningful interactions that inspire brand loyalty and customer satisfaction.

In our latest infographic, we put the CX Lab’s latest findings on Australia under the spotlight. Get to know the current state of customer service and customer satisfaction in Australia. Find out about the main drivers of customer loyalty and advocacy through brand and customer service attributes.

Read the CX Lab’s Global CX Survey on Australia by clicking below:

Infographic: CX Lab AUS

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