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Customer service has truly evolved in recent years, adapting to technology and taking advantage of the tools that help aid customers who demand consistency, efficiency, and satisfaction. To be able to keep up with the challenge of keeping customers pleased, brands and companies have turned to using different methods of communicating with their customers—digital channels, to be more specific—as they are becoming more and more popular in terms of customer preference and usage in many countries.

In Brazil, exceptional customer service is vital in keeping customers loyal and satisfied. Customers in the country have become more and more dependent on their brands’ customer service, as told by the growth in the frequency of customer service contact in 2017, which had an average score of 3.1 times. It’s interesting to note how Brazilian customers are currently thriving in the digital age, contacting customer service through mobile apps, instant messaging, and chat. In 2017, mobile app usage in the country was at a peak, used by 30 percent of Brazilian customers. Instant messaging has also become a preference for customers contacting customer service in Brazil—instant messaging has become a favorite way for customers to communicate with their brands last year.

While it is important to still maintain, empower, and improve on a traditional customer service channel such as voice to talk to customers, the massive reach of digital channels can never be denied. In countries like Brazil where digitalization has become an important part of people’s lives, having a strong customer service solution that balances the convenience of digital channels with the stability of traditional channels is pivotal in creating a positive and lasting customer experience, leading to customer satisfaction.

Brands and businesses should make an effort to embrace the digital age to be able to reap the many benefits it brings. As a global leader in omnichannel customer experience management, Teleperformance can help you attain and maximize business results through our tailored digital solutions.

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