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Customer Experience in the Time of Feedback

In a time of likes, shares, retweets, and comments, receiving and giving customer feedback has never been this easy. Social media has made it possible for brands and companies to better communicate with their customers, and with a single click comes an opportunity for companies to know what their customers like and what they need.

Paired with technology, data, and the power of analytics, customer feedback can be a highly important asset as you improve your products or services. It can influence where to steer your research and development teams next, or what changes to bring to your current platforms. Establishing a connection to your customers is one benefit of listening to their feedback, opening opportunities for you to elevate the customer experience, especially in a digital world. Allowing your customers to feel empowered and become involved goes a long way in paving customer relationships and building customer loyalty. Ensuring that you listen actively to transform their suggestions and feedback into a better, improved product or service is key a more meaningful interaction, leading to better results and a positive impact.

In managing customer feedback, there are four areas in focus:

Listening: What are your customers saying about your product or service on different channels?
Interpreting: What can be gathered from the information my customers have provided on their feedback?
Acting: What can be done to turn their comments and suggestions on different channels to further improvement of my products and services?
Monitoring: What is the state of our customer satisfaction score after action? Did it lead to happier—or even better, new—customers?

Customer feedback is a critical factor in helping you shape your business. Used properly, customer insights are your gateway to improvement—a chance for you to determine what needs to be removed or added, what needs to be done to be aligned with your customers’ ever-changing demands and needs.

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