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This morning, we will open our 2018 Leader Insights Forum: “Teleperformance Customer Experience 2020 and beyond,” at the Hotel Sofitel Legend the Grand Amsterdam.

Our team and partners all arrived in Amsterdam yesterday and we enjoyed a fantastic dinner at the Grand hotel.

Our last article outlined the themes that all our speakers will be covering during the event, but given the focus on 2020, it’s worth exploring some of the ideas of our first speaker today.

First up today is Anders Sorman-Nilsson is the founder of Thinque – a strategy think tank that helps executives and leaders convert disruptive questions into proactive, future strategies.

As an Australian-Swedish futurist and innovation strategist he has helped executives and leaders on four continents map, prepare for, and strategize for foreseeable and unpredictable futures. Since founding Thinque in 2005, he has worked with and spoken to clients like Apple, Johnson & Johnson, Cisco, Eli Lilly, SAP, IBM, Xerox, ABN Amro Bank, Commonwealth Bank, McCann Erickson and BAE Systems, across diverse cultural and geographic contexts.

Today, Anders will be focused on ‘Digilogue’ – the convergence of the analogue world with the digital – and how this is dramatically changing customer behavior and customer experience. This is an important concept because it feeds into several strategic questions that leaders need to be asking today:

  • Is our industry facing an imminent wave of digital disruption or has it already started?
  • Do the executive team agree on the future for our industry and our company?
  • How does our business model translate into the digital environment?
  • Is our experience of any value in a digital future?
  • Do we have a vision for our company in the future and is everyone actively working towards that goal?
  • Are we exhausted by all the change in our industry and just longing for a few years where the business doesn’t need to change?

There is an enormous amount of industry commentary on digital disruption. It is usually framed within the context of innovation and it’s always seen as a good thing – disruption is usually seen as representing progress. The approach that Anders advocates is to accept that your business has a great deal of experience and knowledge. This can be combined with an acceptance of change so you can achieve the best of both worlds – an innovative approach to exploring new business models or services with an appreciation of the heritage of the business.

If you are not in attendance at the event in Amsterdam today, we will be regularly publishing blog commentary to our “Global Blog” company page, which will re-cap the forum discussions and shorter comments featuring highlights from the speaker presentations via our Teleperformance global Live Twitter feed – including content from the talk Anders will deliver this morning.

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