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TP Talks Cheat Sheet: Elevating Caesars Entertainment's Customer Satisfaction

“How do we measure our level of success? As we look at our TP internal survey scores this year, our MPS scores is at 58%, which is among the highest-scored campaigns that Teleperformance has. Based on performance feedback and scores, I think we have a great recipe here!”Elsia Casale, Vice President of Revenue Generation, Teleservices, Caesars Entertainment

Caesars has been synonymous with world-class gaming and hospitality, being the world’s most geographically diversified in the casino-entertainment industry. Partnering with Teleperformance proved to be the right choice as Caesars garnered an increase in its customer service scores, as well as an improved customer satisfaction. Taken from last year’s TP Talks with guest speaker Elsia Casale of Caesars Entertainment, here’s a rundown on how Teleperformance helped Caesars improve the customer experience.

  • It all starts with recruiting and selecting the best candidate

Teleperformance, together with Caesars, worked on a recruitment process that led to the right candidates in the Philippines to work as agents for Caesars’ customer service and sales accounts. A panel interview composed of 15 candidates allowed Caesars and Teleperformance’s HR, Training, Recruitment, and Operations teams to filter high-potential candidates. In the panel interviews, candidates will be asked questions in a random order. The process is objective and consistent as selected candidates will be chosen based on a minimum and optimal score. The selected candidates will then have a chance to go to the sales floor to do a side-by-side listening session with existing agents.

  • Developing scripting tools

Caesars used a scripting tool for the first time in order to shorten the learning curve, and to increase the confidence of agents. In addition, it allowed agents to sound more professional and polished at a very early stage. Over time, Caesars developed the tool to have a specific verbiage for cross-selling and overcoming objections.

  •  Matching customer needs and interests with the right agents

To protect their revenue stream, Caesars and Teleperformance worked on an IVR system that matches customer needs and interests with selected, best-converting agents.

The results? The Philippines’ customer service scores in terms of helpfulness and friendliness greatly improved from 80% to 90%. Attrition rates have been greatly reduced, while product knowledge scores improved to mid-80% to 85%.

“When agents focus on one skill over the other, it really gets them to focus and have that repetition, and with that repetition and focus, they get more skilled at it. It allows for a quicker call handling time, more product knowledge, and higher CSAT scores.”

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This material is taken from TP Talks, Teleperformance’s series of webinars dedicated to inspiring ideas and curating the CX. To listen to the full webinar, click here.

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