Teleperformance turns off the lights for Earth Hour
Teleperformance turns off the lights for Earth Hour

As one big community, Teleperformance unites with the world to create a brighter tomorrow.

Earth Hour is a global environmental movement spearheaded by the World Wide Fund (WWF), originating in Sydney back in 2007. It has been a decade since millions from all over the world turned off their lights, as one, to show solidarity against the harmful effects of climate change, in the hopes of promoting awareness and action.

The simple concept of turning off lights at the same time for an hour encouraged recognition and has developed into a global movement. Originally titled “Big Flick,” it was the brainchild of the advertising agency Leo Burnett and WWF in Australia, as the latter sought for a new method of telling the climate change story rather than just putting it on paper. It became a widespread success in its hometown Sydney, as it was simple, thought-provoking, and it involved people. Soon enough—through social media and word of mouth—Big Flick became Earth Hour, and the rest is history.

Earth Hour has recorded participation in over 170 countries and has become a much-anticipated global event. The main goal has always been the same: to promote awareness of climate change in order to encourage a more sustainable environment.

With a global footprint spanning 74 countries, Teleperformance has been a proud participant in Earth Hour. Across the world, our sites in Brazil, Egypt, El Salvador, France, Indonesia, Italy, Jamaica, Switzerland, Tunisia, Albania, Canada, Greece, Lebanon, Mexico, Portugal, Singapore, Turkey, and Romania have consistently done their part to support this annual global initiative by turning off their main lights, while our other sites light candles. This March 25th, we will once again take part in this worldwide tradition to show our love for the environment, and commitment to a more sustainable future for everyone.

Our continued passion for a better world does not stop at Earth Hour: Teleperformance’s firm stand against climate change remains an ongoing initiative through our Citizen of the Planet activities and programs, which aim to make the world a better place to live in.

It is everyone’s responsibility to take action in ensuring the safety and sustainability of the world we live in, this place we call “home.” On March 25, from 8:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. local time, turn off the lights and show that you care for the environment. It only takes a flick of a switch to inspire others to be informed and educated about climate change and to acknowledge that it is real, and it is here. Moreover, be reminded that the drive for climate change awareness is an ongoing battle even after the lights come up—visit to find more information about how to participate in WWF’s other events in your community or how to place a donation to the WWF for its continued fight against climate change.

The beginning of a brighter tomorrow can start even with something very simple like turning your lights off for an hour. Do your part. We at Teleperformance—as one, massive family—know we will.

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