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Content Moderation at Teleperformance in India

We all know how good content is pivotal to a brand’s or business’ success: good content can be an instigator of positive interactions when applied in social media, it helps customers get to know a brand and their services or products better, it prompts consumers to buy, and it keeps companies and brands relevant. In a world where consumers and companies are both capable of publishing their thoughts, information, and opinions online with just a tiny click, the amount of content has grown exponentially, and thus, unavoidably—someone needs to handle the business of separating what’s good from what’s inappropriate.

Content moderation is a process of monitoring text, video, and images to prevent user-generated information that violates company policies and values. As a global leader in omnichannel customer experience management, Teleperformance continues to ensure positive customer interactions through our content moderation teams at Teleperformance in India. By balancing a highly skilled workforce that puts the personal touch with artificial intelligence that expedites the moderation process, we have developed content moderation solutions that has paved way for strong results.

With 100,000 to 125,000 weekly moderations conducted and over 5,000 replies to emails every week, Teleperformance in India has helped companies increase their content management efficiency while reducing costs. Established in 2001, has been the leading provider of outstanding customer experience at every single opportunity. With content moderation as one of its strongest suits, our operations in India have been trusted by renowned companies worldwide, as they continue their mission to protect our clients’ and their customers’ online communities by making sure that guidelines are followed and observed, while keeping values intact.

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    hemalata behera October 18, 2018

    first of all i likes this company and also i have working in teleperformance in india company.
    many more festival to celebrate there.apart from this posted pic….the posted pic was ex- lent,and every times this company to given respect for the all people (regional arias) thinking and culture.

    i like this pic…..