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Revisiting Teleperformance's Company Values

Nowadays, the fast demands of daily life have allowed us to overlook at the simple things that make us human. Because technology and social media are everywhere, it’s easy to become distracted and forget about our real identities, about who we are at the core.

Like individuals, companies have their own values to adhere to, in order to make them define their culture, their beliefs, principles, and priorities. It’s important to never lose sight of company values, as they can help leaders and employees make better decisions and action plans that can improve the way processes and solutions are carried out in the workplace.

For Teleperformance, our company values serve as a mirror of how our employees live their lives, as well as define how our people feel, think, and act. They are a crucial part of our company culture, and they define who we are. These values are a standard approach that brings stability and consistency in the work environment. Teleperformance’s company values are each represented by the five elements: Cosmos, symbolizing Integrity; Earth, symbolizing Respect; Metal, symbolizing Professionalism; Air, symbolizing Innovation, and Fire, symbolizing Commitment. Each element signifies a mantra:

Integrity: “I do what I do, I do what I say.” Teleperformance displays integrity by being consistent and credible. Effective leadership, we believe, starts with leading others by example.

Respect: “I treat others with kindness and empathy.” We believe that empathy and comprehension are what makes us human. It is in this sense that we never forget that our very essence remains on the care we have for each and everyone.

Professionalism: “I do things right the very first time.” By being professionals, we manage our time, look the part, complete tasks, be consistent, and strive to exceed expectations. Teleperformance Operational Processes and Standards (TOPS) is one of our strategic advantages. It is a world-class coaching, problem-solving approach, and representative development methodology developed to ensure uniformity and quality management in all our global programs around the world. Baseline Enterprise Standards for Teleperformance (BEST) acts as our guidelines that lists standards and best practices to ensure consistency and high performance for our worldwide operations.

Innovation: “I create and improve.” Teleperformance believes in the power of an idea, and how it can go a long way in staying ahead of the competition. We strive to think outside of the box in order to develop efficient solutions that aim to improve the lives of our people, clients, customers, and our business.

Commitment: “I am passionate and engaged.” Teleperformance is committed to creating an outstanding customer experience, whether it is for our clients and their customers or our very own people. Ours is a place where we believe in people, where teamwork wins, where we work for people. We are united in our passion to deliver excellence with every interaction, and to inspire motivate, learn, teach, and grow!

Incorporating our company values into our way of life and living them points us to the right direction—and if we do so on a daily basis, the only way to go is up.

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