NelsonHall recognizes Teleperformance as a leader in the retail b
NelsonHall recognizes Teleperformance as a leader in the retail banking market

Customer Management Services (CMS) in the retail banking industry remains an important pillar that supports a company’s quest for inspiring customer satisfaction among its clients. Its importance in a retail banking organization’s framework is undeniable: CMS helps reduce costs, increases Customer Satisfaction (CSAT), and lets companies get a broader insight on customer behavior through the use of analytics, AI, assessments, and interaction channels.

Teleperformance once again proves its expertise in providing world-class solutions and customer management services—this time, in the retail banking segment—as told by NelsonHall, a leading global BPS and ITS research and analysis firm. Founded in 1998, the firm takes a global approach to the analysis of vendors and outsourcing markets, conducting helpful evaluations and studies that aid buy-side executives as they make business decisions. NelsonHall’s Evaluation and Assessment Tool (NEAT) has been a trusted source of useful data, and this year, NEAT recognized Teleperformance as a leader in CMS in the retail banking sector.

NEAT’s scoring methodology uses an analyst’s assessment as well as a feedback form obtained from vendor’s clients. It uses a “two-axis” model to conduct the assessment: the ability to meet clients’ future requirements, and analyzing a vendor’s ability to deliver immediate benefits to organizations.

In NelsonHall’s assessment, Teleperformance ranked first among 12 vendors. NEAT was able to determine and outline Teleperformance’s strengths, strategic direction, and outlook for CMS in the retail banking sector. Currently supporting 107 CMS retail banking clients, NelsonHall listed Teleperformance’s strengths: a large global client footprint in the retail banking sector, the capability to provide video chat support to retail banking organizations, and strong proprietary technology tailored to retail banking organizations. NEAT also determined Teleperformance’s strategic direction that focuses on utilizing mobile Enhanced Security Practice (mESP) to better support banking clients, and the constant creation and optimization of omnichannel solutions. NelsonHall also acknowledged Teleperformance’s recent acquisition of LanguageLine Solutions (LLS), and mentioned how the acquisition can further enhance strong language support in retail banking as well as in other sectors.

Vicki Jenkins, Senior CMS Analyst with NelsonHall, commended Teleperformance’s wide global reach, technology, and innovative solutions. “Teleperformance has a large global delivery and client footprint in the retail banking sector,” said Jenkins. “It stands out from many other vendors with its strong proprietary technology tailored to support retail banking organizations, and has a proven track record of revenue generation and collections delivering value to retail banks.”

Being recognized by a trusted institution such as NelsonHall drives Teleperformance forward. With decades of providing services in the retail banking sector, Teleperformance has nowhere to go but up, while continuously developing convenient, secure, and optimized omnichannel solutions to further elevate customer experience management through exceptional customer management services.

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