Linkedin´s Top 10 Company Pages of 2018 | Teleperformance

In today’s digital era, one of the greatest challenges companies have to face daily is creating online visibility, and even harder—maintaining that visibility to reach new customers, product advocates, or business partnerships. This is why social media has played an important role in elevating companies’ marketing strategies to the next level—it allows companies to connect with their audience with a simple click of a button whenever, wherever. Case in point: LinkedIn, where professionals seek other professionals, an avenue for brands and businesses to stand out as one of the best.

Teleperformance is therefore proud to announce our inclusion in LinkedIn’s “Best of Company Pages 2018,” ranking fourth as nominated by our peers and partners from all over the world! On their official page, LinkedIn writes: “[Teleperformance’s] Updates on their Company Page feature bold imagery containing text, catching the eyes of readers and drawing them to the words.” This recognition truly acknowledges our commitment to interact with our people, clients, and potential employees on a deeper level by posting relevant content, sharing informative insights, and giving them a glimpse of what working with Teleperformance is like.

Here’s a big thank you to everyone who nominated and gave Teleperformance a nod! We’re only about to work even harder to ensure that we’ll remain visible and continue making an impact through positive interactions. Click here to read LinkedIn’s official announcement, as well as to view the full list of this year’s Best Company Pages on LinkedIn.

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