Leading the Way in Competitive Strategy Innovation and Leadership | Teleperformance
Leading the Way in Competitive Strategy Innovation and Leadership

At Teleperformance, we continue our streak of practicing and implementing the best global practices in order to make meaningful interactions that truly matter!

For the second consecutive year, we are pleased to announce that Teleperformance is once again the recipient of Frost & Sullivan’s Competitive Strategy Innovation and Leadership Award, a testament to our commitment to maintain our position as a global leader in a very competitive industry.

The prestigious award from Frost & Sullivan recognized Teleperformance’s industry-leading practices in the areas of compliance, security, and privacy. This includes Teleperformance’s overall security organization in its IT division; security policies that implement Security Risk Assessments that offer risk mitigation and reduction plans as well as identify vulnerabilities and risks for clients; the Teleperformance Global Essential Security Policies; a Binding Corporate Rules approval; and Teleperformance’s secure environment, specifically the Virtual Briefing Center, where clients and prospects can safely conduct a real-time, high-definition virtual tour of our multiple sites.

Michael DeSalles, Principal Analyst of Digital Transformation from Frost & Sullivan, acknowledged Teleperformance’s commitment to enhance overall compliance and security. “Our completely independent analysis concluded that Teleperformance has made a significant investment to take a rigorous and integrated approach to compliance, security and privacy,” DeSalles shared. “With more than 100 certified security analysts, Teleperformance’s experts carry out industry-leading security strategies that utilize the latest available technology to proactively combat, on behalf of their clients, data breach and fraud.”

We are proud to be part of a company that values security for both our employees and our clients. We share this recognition with our teams from all over the world, and thank everyone for their hard work and commitment!

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