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Keeping Pace with the Changing BPO Industry in the Philippines

Having established a strong foothold in the Philippines, Teleperformance has become one of the country’s largest employers, currently employing nearly 44,000 people. As a company that takes pride in creating meaningful interactions, Teleperformance in the Philippines incorporates its culture that is centered on hospitality, friendliness, and cheer with establishing connections with both clients and their customers. The result? “The best possible customer service in all interactions in all engagements that we have with customers,” says Monica Ochoa, Teleperformance in the Philippines’ Vice President of Operations.

In our latest Got a Minute? video, Ochoa presents business process outsourcing (BPO) as an industry that is dynamic and rapidly changing. Despite the challenges of being in a growing, competitive market, Teleperformance in the Philippines continues to solidify its position in the country as a global leader. “TP is the best and the biggest, and there’s a reason why,” Ochoa states. “We have the best platform, we have the most passionate people, and we have a workforce that is very collaborative and willing to work together to be successful.”

Teleperformance in the Philippines’ operations in the country span over four different islands, all of which have different cultures, languages, and behaviors. To be able to keep pace with the changing BPO industry in the Philippines, Teleperformance adapts to the many needs of its people, clients, and customers by thinking globally and acting locally, all while maintaining a level of consistency.

For Monica, each interaction matters. Watch our latest Got a Minute? video in full by clicking below.

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