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Empowering Women Teleperformance in Brazil

As Teleperformance continues to promote diversity, inclusion, and gender equality, we never stop striving to become better. Our company values and our passion for providing meaningful interactions serve us our guide in navigating the way we work and live—this is what keeps us human: our ability to think and feel, the yearning to connect, to relate with and empower one another.

Another milestone in the books for Teleperformance is the recent recognition we received from Great Place to Work® (GPTW). This time around, our Teleperformance family in Brazil was named as one of the Best Companies for Women to Work in the third edition of GPTW Muhler. The recognition from GPTW highlights companies that push for diversity, gender inclusion, and equal opportunities for women in the workplace. Simone Nunes, Director of Human Capital at Teleperformance, and Mariana Pellegrin de Vasconcellos, Director of Global Accounts, received the recognition.

Teleperformance in Brazil’s workforce is currently boosted by women, with 53% holding key leadership positions, according to Director of HR Simone Nunes. For our colleagues in Brazil, this representation has resulted in more ideas, greater information exchange that can lead to company growth, a fairer working environment, and a sense of empowerment and belonging.

GPTW’s Best Companies for Women to Work recognition further solidifies Teleperformance’s commitment to equal gender roles, diversity, and inclusion. We remain dedicated to creating a safe, ethical, and fair working environment for every individual regardless of gender, and continue to offer strong support to the women who empower the workplace.

Congratulations to Teleperformance in Brazil!

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