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Customer Engagement

The reach of a positive customer experience has a tremendous impact when it comes to engaging your customers. Customer engagement can result in brand loyalty and brand awareness, two important aspects in strengthening the emotional connection between your customers and your brand.

It’s critical to know where your customers are, and how they choose to connect with you along the customer journey. Several touchpoints come into mind: voice, chat, social media, smartphone apps, face-to-face interactions, or your own website—all these are the avenues for first impressions, and play a role in building relationships. This is why it’s important to implement omnichannel strategies that allow a seamless communication process between you and your customers, and eliminate the risks of customer frustration.

Companies who have highly engaged customers have perhaps found a way in thinking out of the box in order to reach their customers better and more effectively versus their competition, resulting in customers promoting their services or products. A telecommunications provider based in Europe, for example, combined crowdsourcing with their customer service to help customers with challenging technical issues. The strategy worked: not only did the telecommunications provider have happier customers whose issues were resolved, their customer service teams also experienced a reduction of support calls, allowing them to focus on more on sales and customer satisfaction.

At Teleperformance, we empower our people so they can empower customers. Customer engagement relies on meaningful interactions that can set up a long and satisfying customer journey, and as interactions experts—we are happy to become the bridge that connects you to your customers. Contact us to learn more about our services!

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