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Technology has become a powerful tool in increasing productivity, providing information, enhancing accuracy, and reducing errors. Its role in the ever-changing markets has contributed to a lot of opportunities for both customers and brands to improving the once simple process of buying, offering, or selling—now, customers know what they want and are smarter with their buying decisions thanks to the Internet, while brands are now able to elevate their products or services through the use of technology and through innovation.

We can’t deny how the digital atmosphere has made a strong impact in modern times. However, when it comes to customer experience, it should be noted how customers still value the meaning of connections and the importance of personalized attention. Customers of today demand and crave the many benefits technology brings, AND at the same time, also expect to receive reassurance, be treated with respect, and most of all—receive empathy when and where it matters the most.

Teleperformance recognizes the importance of blending technology with empathy: our recent acquisition of Intelenet is our way to maximize productivity while welcoming more sophisticated business services outsourcing solutions. Our withstanding aim to make each interaction matter resonates in the way we train our people, allowing them to develop their emotional intelligence, active listening skills, well-being, communication, and personal growth. Our values promote a working environment that is safe and secure for everyone.

Throughout this time of digital transformation, we at Teleperformance take pride in our “high-tech, high-touch” approach that include omnichannel solutions that fully utilize the power of innovation, the productivity of bots, and the details analytics offer. We continuously remain firm in our belief that tiny acts of human empathy can go a long way in creating lasting interactions that inspire brand loyalty and elevate the customer’s overall experience.

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