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AI and Customer Service in the Age of Tech

Gone are the days when the word “artificial intelligence” is just a term uttered in science fiction movies. These days, AI continues to rapidly evolve, having the capabilities to answer questions, learn, gather data, and process language like never before.

Artificial intelligence has lent its hand in many industries, most notably in the automotive, banking, and information technology industries. In customer service, the many benefits of AI are evident: the use of “automated” agents that can handle basic questions and troubleshooting through robotic process automation, the reduced costs from chatbots programmed to provide simple answers, and higher productivity as a result of AI-driven processes and applications.

The increasing amount of AI-powered applications is evidence of AI’s impact on customers. As technology becomes more intuitive, the focus now shifts on the ability of companies to integrate AI into their business processes in order to enhance customer service. Opportunities for deep structured learning can be fully explored, which can be a cost-effective solution to repetitive tasks. Integrating artificial intelligence into omnichannel solutions can also pave way for better customer interactions through balancing the efficiency and speed of automated agents with traditional channels such as voice and human interactions.

While AI is an effective accompaniment that can guarantee speed and efficiency in the customer service industry, keeping the human element is still key to improve overall satisfaction. Human interactions still matter, and yes, real conversations can never be replaced by algorithms and digital scripts. Technology should be seen as a tool to enhance humans on the job, not replace them—and it’s always up to us to ensure that one complements the other, with learning and improving both serving as a constant.

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